The story of Smoking-Cocktail

You surely remember in bars or clubs of that table at the back of the room, having a parade of extravagant cocktails brought in and becoming the center of attention.

We wanted to replicate this show at home and what better way to start than with smoking cocktails.

It all started with a group of friends and party lovers who just wanted to take the experience to the next level. The question was how to add more fun to our little gatherings. 

After a quick brainwashing over a few brandies, the idea came to us to add the eccentricity of bars to our house parties. And that's it, we were ready to go! 

Now we're happy to share our passion with a wider public by offering a range of products that will brighten up their evenings. By working with bartending enthusiasts, we want to provide an experience to share with your loved ones, and a tiny bit of useful knowledge to make you shine in society.

But enough about us, let's hear your story!

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