Flavour guide

APPLEWOOD - Slightly sweet and smoky

Recommended alcohols: Whisky, Calvados, Brandy, Bourbon

Our applewood smoking chips take advantage of the higher concentration of sugars by imparting a mild, delicate smoke with a hint of sweetness. Imagine warm pie crust, burnt sugar, and white pepper aromas on a crisp fall day.

Our cocktail of choice? The Fall Fashioned. An autumnal version of the Old Fashioned.

Mix calvados, Leopold Bros Apple Whisky and bitters in an applewood-smoked rocks glass for a fall favourite at home.

CHERRY WOOD - Very sweet and mild

Recommended alcohols: Rum, Bourbon, Liqueur, Gin

Cherrywood has the most robust aroma of all our chips and is an excellent substitute for apple if you’re looking for a sweet aroma that has more intensity. The cherrywood is warm and exotic, with hints of marzipan and spices.

Our favourite cocktail? A smoked cherry Negroni, a great classic!

You can also pair it with rum or bourbon for an intensely sweet and spirit-forward creation. We love adding cherrywood to tropical fruits with ginger liqueur for a smoky, sweet, and sourcombo that is always a party favorite.

PECANWOOD - Nutty and rich

Recommended alcohols: Mulled wine, Whisky

Pecan wood carries savoury notes laden with hazelnut and smoke but without a dominant flavour.

Our favourite cocktail? For a balanced, smoky variation on a classic, try an Old Fashioned with pecan wood. Smoke the pecan wood in the smoker, mix in sugar and bitters, then use corn whiskey to bring out the nutty taste of the wood and create a sweet and savoury delight.

Other delicious variations include pecanwood infused mulled wine, Smoked Baileys Irish Cream with coffee, or a smoked amaretto hot chocolate.

OAK WOOD - Strong and earthy

Recommended alcohols: Rum, Whisky

Oak has a subtle aroma and burns extra hot. It is mild, earthy, and has gentle vanilla notes. Warm caramel and spicy notes are enhanced when oakwood smoke is added.

Our favourite cocktail? Try a Smoky Mint Mojito, which includes lime, mint, brown sugar, and rum. Grill your limes, and then use a smoker to infuse the oakwood aromas into the brown sugar before muddling.

Oakwood is also excellent for imitating barrel aging and accentuating charred wood notes in bourbon or rye whiskey